Supporting our Children and Families

Give parents a greater voice and more choice in their children’s education.

Bill Brady, as a businessman, knows that competition fosters improvement.  He has supported greater parental choice in education, including a pilot voucher program to allow students in Chicago to attend non-public schools.  He has championed charter schools, supported home schooling and supported increased tuition-tax credits for families whose children attend non-public schools.

Curb crime and gun violence.

Bill Brady is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, including the recently enacted concealed-carry legislation allowing law-abiding citizens to protect themselves and their families. 

At the same time, he knows that too many firearms are illegally in the hands of criminals and gang members and that gun offenses are often not being fully prosecuted, resulting in too many neighborhoods suffering horrific gun violence.  He has urged the federal government to increase its efforts to prosecute gun crimes eligible for federal mandatory minimum sentences in order to curb violent crime.

Social Conservative

Bill Brady has a 100 percent lifetime pro-life voting record.  He is a strong advocate of the Second Amendment, championed Illinois' new concealed carry law and has consistently had an "A" rating from the NRA.  He supports traditional marriage and opposed Illinois' same-sex marriage law.