Protecting Tax Payers

Bill Brady understands that high taxes and unchecked government spending hamper business investment in Illinois and rob Illinois families of jobs and financial security.

Institute substantial and meaningful pension reforms.

Bill Brady recognizes that hard-working state employees and teachers are not at fault in the growing unfunded pension liability problem.  Long an advocate for broad pension reforms to resolve a mounting fiscal crisis, Bill Brady has been an active leader in efforts to pass legislation that would pay down the state’s $100 billion unfunded pension liability and safeguard the long-term vitality of Illinois’ public pension systems for public employees and teachers who have continually paid their share.

Ensure that state revenues are used for their intended purposes.

A state audit sponsored by Senator Brady found that more than half of the state’s Road Fund was being diverted in recent years and used for purposes other than repairing and building the state’s highways and bridges.

Bill Brady supports new budget oversight procedures, augmenting the current audit system, to ensure that state revenues were used for proper expenditures.

Balance the budget.

A fiscal conservative, Bill Brady believes the state must stop spending money it doesn’t have and stop balancing the budget on backs of medical service providers, pharmacies, local social service agencies and other state vendors.

He has opposed to further mortgaging our children’s futures by borrowing to support Springfield’s spending habit and will continue to do so.  Bill Brady supports eliminating and reducing programs  that are neither effective or economical, to cut spending while maintaining the state’s priorities.

Require super-majority votes in the General Assembly to raise general state taxes and to broaden any pension benefits for public employees.

Bill Brady has sponsored and supported measures to require a two-thirds vote in the legislature to increase state taxes.   He also supported a proposed Constitutional Amendment to require a three-fifths super-majority vote to increase pension benefits for public employees.

Reduce the size of Illinois government.

Bill Brady supports allowing voters to amend the Illinois Constitution to abolish the office of Lieutenant Governor and to merge the offices of Comptroller and Treasurer, thereby increasing efficiency, eliminating duplicative functions and saving taxpayers an estimated $12 million a year in general taxpayer funds.