Jobs & Growth

Bill Brady believes their are four key components to create the foundation for long-term economic growth that will benefit Illinois and Illinois families for decades.

Create a Stable Tax Climate

Bill supports a reform of the Illinois Tax Code to encourage economic development and eliminate hurdles and barriers that stifle growth. He knows that income tax increases, such as those imposed by the Quinn Administration, stifle job creation in Illinois and hurt Illinois families.  He also understands that a progressive state income tax could unduly harm families and the majority of small businesses, which pay income taxes based on the individual rates. 

Engage in Strategic Planning

Bill Brady supports creation of a comprehensive infrastructure program, performance evaluation metrics, and support for such core economic sectors as agriculture, manufacturing and technology while developing new innovative jobs.

Create a Fair Playing Field

Bill Brady understands that current tax and fee structures, coupled with intrinsic costs, hamper current businesses and make Illinois less attractive for job creators.  He has supported and will continue to champion real reform in the state’s Workers’ Compensation and Unemployment Insurance systems and serious tort reform measures.

Budget Transparency & Accountability

Bill Brady knows that resolving the massive budget debt, paying off the state’s mounting unpaid bills and reforming Illinois pension systems are paramount to creating a strong economy and providing a measure of stability. His plans call for an open and transparent budget process, curbing new spending programs and expansions, and performance-based reviews to prioritize current state spending.